Top Rated Pull Down Kitchen Faucets In 2019 (magnets & pull down sprayers)

Kitchen renovations are one of the most dreaded when it comes to fixing up your own house. Most dread this because they know they will be taking a steep investment from their savings account. With renovations always come unexpectedly surprised requiring more money to be spent.

We will be discussing some of the best performing pull down kitchen faucets that will not hurt your wallet when purchasing for yourself or simply to meet a budget for one of your clients.

Why Pull Down Kitchen Faucets Are Such A Great Invesment!

You may be wondering, do I really need a new kitchen faucet? Can’t we just keep the old one that came with the house? Well, guess what, most kitchen faucets tend to have filters that need to be changed, some kitchen faucets can cause leaks if not installed properly, and some are even made from materials that could be dangerous to your health.

So why not invest in a faucet that you know it is made from safe material and installed properly. Apart from that, if you do not own a pull down kitchen faucet yet, you do not know the convenient it is to have one!

You Avoid Future Leaks

If you are using an old faucet from a house you just purchased you cannot know for sure if it was properly installed. Often plumbers have mentioned that when people move out of a home they put back old kitchen faucets they did not use on a regular day basis.

This means if the faucet was installed incorrectly in a hurry in the middle of the move it can cause for some serious leakage in the long run. Most faucets now a days even come with lifetime warranties in case of anything going wrong with them.

Better safe than sorry! Take a close look at your kitchen faucet and avoid future headaches.

No Harmful Materials

All kitchen faucets are not made from the same materials. Some have a stainless steel finish allowing you to have long lasting use of your faucet. Other faucets even have certifications to ensure that they are rust free.

The top of the line faucets also have certifications ensuring that the INTERIOR of the faucet is not made from lead or any other harmful materials. So if you are debating whether or not to change the faucet, I would highly advise you to ensure the safety of your family by purchasing a faucet yourself and saving yourself headaches in the future.

Convenience (Easy To Use)

I’ve stepped foot in many kitchens that still do not own a pull down kitchen faucet. I can’t stop talking about how life changing owning one was for me. The pull down feature on faucets are live savers when it comes to washing dishes.

 It also is very useful if you own a kitchen faucet with a long hose because you can fill up pots without having to struggle carrying it in and out of the sink.

Lastly, I love having plants light up my kitchen window and being able to water them without having to go get a bucket. The ease of never spilling a drop of water outside of the pot is worth every penny of the investment we made to buy a pull down kitchen faucet.

Best Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet Reviews in 2019

Delta is by far one of the best known brand names when it comes to kitchen faucets. With a reputable brand also comes some of the best products in the market.

Delta offers very unique features that make us all go crazy. This faucet is an absolute favorite because of the different color range they offer.

The Good (and Bad) about the Delta Touch20

  • The different color ranges make it a breeze to match with any kitchen theme.
  • Two versions are available for this pull down faucet. You could purchase the standard version or the Touch 2O version.
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry
  • Comes with advanced Diamond Seal Technology to ensure the longevity of the pull down faucet.
  • Delta offers a lifetime warranty for this pull down faucet.
  • This faucet can be a steep investment into your savings, but the features are definitely worth every penny.
  • Clients have previously reported having problems with the Touch 2O feature. They have mentioned the water randomly turns on to any light touch while cleaning the sink.


The Delta Leland Pull down kitchen faucet has the smallest details that make it worth investing the money in this faucet. For example, the pull down piece of the faucet has a magnetic strip that allows your faucet to go back into place in a sturdy manner.

The mineral build up is common amongst kitchen faucets. This top of the line faucet can easy be wiped clean and instantly will continue to look like a brand new faucet.

Why We Like it:

  • Everyone loves having options! They love having the possibility to purchase different colors. They also love that they have the possibility to add the touch on and off feature. (Touch 2O)
  • Cleaning the faucet is very easy. A simply wipe and the mineral build up comes right off.
  • The installation of this faucet is fairly easy! It can be installed on sinks with one or three holes.
  • The fingerprint and spots resistant finish is a lifesaver when you have young children.

Kohler ranks high when it comes to the features they offer as well as the customer satisfaction. Both Kohler and Delta are constantly fighting for the top spot of kitchen faucets in the market. This faucet is a favorite amongst many because of the classical design it has and the advanced technology features.

The Good (and Bad) about the Kohler

  • The high arch gooseneck faucet gives your kitchen an elegant touch.
  • This faucet holds high certifications worldwide.
  • The sprayhead is locked into place with the DockNetik magnetic technology.
  • It offers a feature to remember the temperature you would like the faucet to turn on at.
  • Listed as one of the most expensive ones in the market.
  • Several have reported that the hose leaks after using the faucet a lot.


This Kohler faucet ranks as one of the most complete faucets in the market. It offers a good warranty, it has an elegant design and it even has different spraying settings.

This faucet has been reported by its consumers as a great faucet because it is long lasting. Lastly, it also has helped households save on the amount of water they use in their kitchen.

Why We Like it:

  • The faucet holds an IAPMO Green certification – meaning it is certified by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials.
  • It has a high technology Magnetic lock in the spray head. Customers love this feature because over time it helps with the stability of the pull down feature.
  • This faucet is available in three different shades.
  • Come with a setting where you can set the temperature for the water every time it is turned on.

This stainless steel faucet is well known in today’s market as the one of the best Commercial Style Faucet. It comes with two different spray settings and is an absolute favorite because it allows you to have 360-degree access of your sink. You can also pull down the faucet to clean your dishes a bit easier.

The Good (and Bad) about the Kraus

  • This faucet is made from a lead-free interior.
  • It has a very tall and elegant design that matches well with any kitchen’s theme.
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry
  • This faucet is known to have an easy installation, but you can also purchase for an expert to install it via Amazon.
  • Has a modern design.
  • This faucet is only available to be purchased in two 2 different colors.
  • Previous clients have mentioned this faucet has low water pressure after being installed.


The Kraus KPF-1640SS faucet comes with two different spray settings. The tall and modern design adds a special design to your kitchen. This faucet has a spring pull down faucet that allows you to access your sink fully. This faucet is NSF certified ensuring the interior is free of lead.

Why We Like it:

  • The main reason this faucet is loved is the design.
  • Another perk of this pull down faucet is that it comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • The two different spray modes allow you to rinse your dishes with ease and minimal splash back.
  • It is also NSF certified meaning it is a lead-free faucet.

The WeWe Single handle faucet can easily be installed. Yet you could always request for a professional to take a look and install it for you. This pretty classical tall and sleek design can undoubtedly match your current kitchen.

The Good (and Bad) about the WeWe

  • Installation can be completed in a breeze! Most clients complete the installation process in less than twenty minutes.
  • Most faucets come with two anti-splattering spray modes, but this one comes with three different ones!
  • The tall and sleek arc design allows you 360 degree access to your sink.
  • Some have reported that they experienced some minor leakage with the connection.
  • Only available to be purchased in one color.


This classical faucet has a brushed nickel finish. It comes in three different spray settings to use when cleaning different dishes. This pull down faucet has a special pause feature that helps you prevent splash back.

Why We Like it:

  • The tall tulip design allows you to reach all angels of your sink.
  • The faucet is loved because once you shut it off it goes back to the regular stream setting.
  • It also has a rust resistant finish.

The Aimadi Contemporary Kitchen Faucet is a multi-purpose faucet. It is made from durable brass and has a brushed Nickle finish. The best feature of this pull down faucet are the two different stem ways. It has a regular stem and a spring pull down faucet.

The Good (and Bad) about the Aimadi

  • This faucet is available in two different versions. The color of the faucet is the same all that varies is that one has an LED light.
  • Many love the spring handle because it gives the kitchen sink a modern touch.
  • The interior of the faucet is made from lead free materials.
  • The absolute best thing about this pull down faucet is that it has two stem ways.
  • Pot filler is too short.
  • You have to press the lever every time you would like to use the pot filler.
  • Several have also reported that the water pressure is so high that the splash back is also rather harsh.


The Aimadi contemporary has a spring pull-out faucet made from durable lead-free brass. It has a tall and contemporary design that will light up your kitchen sink instantly. This is an absolute favorite in the market because it has two different stems.

One could even purchase the model that has an LED light already installed in the faucet. All in all, previous customers and contractors say this is a bargain for the price point.

Why We Like it:

  • The pull down faucet is made from a lead-free interior. The exterior is made from durable materials and has a Brushed Nickle finish.
  • People rave about having two separate stems. They also appreciate the high pressure of the faucet to clean sticky, dirty dishes or their sink.
  • The price point is a total bargain! We all love the modern touch it gives their kitchen without having to dig into their savings.

What Is The Best Pull Down Kitchen Faucets Recap

  1. Delta 9178T-DST Leland Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet: Cleaning this faucet is extremely easy and so is the removal of the mineral build up. This faucet also has a fingerprint and spot resistant finish that all moms appreciate. Installation is quite simple and Delta offers a lifetime warranty of their faucet.
  2. Kohler K-597-CP Simplice Kitchen Faucet: Longevity of this faucet is guaranteed with the advanced technology features it offers. The pull down faucet is secured by a magnetic dock to ensure it does not get loose within time. Lastly, this faucet is certified internationally making it a safe addition to your kitchen.
  3. Kraus KPF-1690SS: This spring head pull down faucet is listed as the best commercial style faucet in the market. The spring faucet allows 360-degree access of the sink. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. Lastly, it is a lead-free certified faucet.
  4. WeWe Single Handle: The classical tulip design will make you fall in love instantly with this pull down faucet. This faucet has 3 different spray settings. It is quite loved by many because if you change one of the spray settings it automatically goes back to the regular water stream after it is shut off.
  5. Aimadi Contemporary Kitchen Faucet: The Aimadi is one of the most contemporary faucets currently in the market. They also offer a quite competitive price point for the extensive features and modern design they offer. This pull down faucet has a pot filler, and it’s made with a lead-free interior.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Touchless Kitchen Faucet

Before purchasing keep in mind the pros and cons and also what your family’s every day needs are. Decide what budget you have available to spend on the kitchen sink.

Make sure to write down what features are an absolute must have and which are merely a want. The top priority when picking a new pull down kitchen faucet should always be the safety of your family, the convenience of owning one, and most importantly, will it save you time and money.

Do not seek a cheap option just to get the job done. Leaks are not something you ever want to deal with in the future. Especially if you have just remodeled your kitchen or if you have just bought a new home.

The Best Pull Down Kitchen Faucet With A Magnet?

Most modern faucets already have this nice feature built in the kitchen faucet in order to make it easier to use. It always a must to double check before you purchase a kitchen faucet to see if it has a magnet built in.

The Best Pull Down Kitchen Faucet With Pull Down Sprayer?

As you see there different types of pull down kitchen faucets. Some have a stronger sprayer meant for heavy use in the kitchen, however if you do not like the style of the heavy duty faucets. There are always great alternatives like the ones provided up above.

The Best Kitchen Pull Down Faucet In 2019

Without a doubt, it is safe to come to a conclusion that the best pull down kitchen faucet of the year is the Delta 9178T-DST Leland model. Although this faucet does require a quite big investment, it is an investment you will not regret. Investing your hard earned money in this faucet will include a good warranty to ensure you can enjoy this faucet for many years to come.

This faucet is loved amongst many for several reasons. However, the top reason we all instantly fall in love with this faucet is because of how easy it is to clean the mineral build up. No need to open it up, just simply wipe the outside sprayhead and it will shine bright like a brand new faucet.

Another reason this faucet is considered highly ranked amongst its competitors is because of the diversity they offer. One of the four colors available will match perfectly with your current color scheme in your kitchen.  It is clear that Delta was certainly thinking of their customer’s needs when they designed this pull down faucet.

Lastly, this faucet could be upgraded to an even more advanced model prior to purchase. This faucet offers a version with the Touch 2O technology.

This technology was created to save you time and money in the kitchen. You can simply touch the faucet to turn it on and off. Keep in mind that this feature will cost you a couple more bucks.

Final Thoughts

WAbove you can find the top five pull down kitchen faucets of 2019 and their pros and cons. We have given you the basic and most frequently discussed facts about the top five models and brands in the market for pull down faucets.

At the top of the list, like always, we have Delta and Kohler taking the first two places. Their advanced technology make purchasing their pull down faucets worth every penny! Apart from the touch feature and the variety in colors, the main features that stood out the most from the other faucets were the magnetic sprayhead lock and how easy it is to clean the mineral build up.

Next up on the list, we have Kraus. It takes the spot for being the best commercial style faucet in the market. The spring head on this model and the Aimadi contemporary faucet truly give some modern vibes to your kitchen.

Fourth on the list, we have the WeWe pull down kitchen faucet. This faucet’s tulip design is stunning. But the feature that has us all falling in love with is the fact that the spray setting automatically goes back to the regular water stream after it is shut off. We all hate faucets that scare and wet us when using it so this feature is something we are all grateful for. Click here for more related articles.

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen! The top five pull down faucets of 2019.